Jerry Martinez

Jerry Martinez (Mateo Arias) is a "lone wolf" who ends up at Bobby Wasabi's dojo to complete his school PE credit. Jerry speaks Spanish fluently (despite flunking his high-school Spanish class), and acts the bad boy to give himself the illusion of being macho. A talented dancer, he once invented a move called -"The Jerry". While more confused than tough, he's fiercely loyal and takes his friendships very seriously.[3] Jerry is willing to try anything at least once, and seldom refuses a dare. He has a tendency to choke on his barbells, due to lifting heavier weights and/or more of them than he really should. Jerry served a brief stint as the stunt partner of Seaford High cheer-captain (and karate classmate) Kim, but this didn't last because he kept dropping her...and because of his morbidly-hairy body and limbs. It is revealed in the episode "Reality Fights" that Jerry is frightened of saltine crackers. His last name, Martinez, was first revealed in "All the Wrong Moves." In "Skate Rat", Eddie revealed that Jerry's middle name is Ceaser. Jerry has become a better karate student then both Eddie and Milton seen in "All the President's Friends" when he fights Frank.

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