Jenny Matrix
Jenny Matrix is a major protagonist in the Video Game High School series, current captain of the VGHS Junior-Varsity FPS team, and the love interest of Brian D. An extremely skilled and accomplished gamer, throughout the series she has expressed her aspirations of becoming a professional gamer.

For most of Season 1 Jenny is in a relationship with VGHS Varsity FPS captain The Law, Brian D's archnemesis and the primary antagonist of the series. This relationship however ended by the season's eight episode, after it became known to Jenny that Law had no intention of granting her position on Varsity FPS.


Jenny Matrix possesses an intense personality which greatly contrasts with series protagonist Brian D. Unlike Brian, Jenny is assertive, ambitious, commanding, dedicated, strongwilled, and stubborn, qualities which transfer to and augment her gaming performance. Unbeknownst to most people however, Jenny is driven by a desire to please and live up to the expectations of her mother, a professional FPS captain, and even feels pressured to resort to extremes to achieve the success she needs to fulfill that dream. On-screen she has only revealed this side of her life to Brian, in Episode 4, however it is presumed that The Law was aware of this as well, and used it to his advantage to manipulate Jenny.

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