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Andy in childs play
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~ Jeffy's most famous catchphrase

Jeffy is an anti-hero in the SuperMarioLogan videos. He is the former son of Nancy and the late painter, Jacques Pierre Francois and the adopted son of Mario and Rosalina.

He is also known as Jeffy Jeffy and Jeffy François-Jeffy.

He is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre and he was voiced by Anthony Miller while doing animal noises.

He was also voiced by Logan Thirtyacre in 1 2 Switching Bodies! when Junior was inside of Jeffy's body.



It has been revealed that Nancy gave birth to him at a porta potty on August 21st 2004.


Jeffy is a retarded, childish, and short tempered 13 year old mentally disabled boy who likes to put pencils up his nose, spank his diaper and put his pee pee in cheerios, say coarse language and make animal noises.

In some videos, Jeffy can also be angry, rude, demanding, selfish, mean, arrogant and short-tempered.

Heroic Deeds

Even though Jeffy usually has bad behaviour, he also does some good things.

  • In Jeffy Sneaks Out!, he stops Drawing Jeffy (also known as Play-Dough Jeffy) from playing with a gun.
  • In Jeffy's Birthday Wish!, he wanted to use a birthday wish which stops everyone dying from the solar eclipse however Brooklyn T. Guy used the wish instead
  • In The Diamond!, he helped Mario stop The Robber.
  • In Jeffy's Bad Christmas, he saved Santa Claus' life from choking.


  • Jeffy's birth mother, Nancy would be the reason why Jeffy has bad behaviour since Nancy abused Jeffy for no reason.
  • Although Jeffy has become a teenager in August 21st 2017, he does not act like one.
  • Despite being thirteen years old, Jeffy has gotten a cheerio box pregnant and Brooklyn T. Guy helped Jeffy and The Cheerio Box give birth to Puss Hole 1, Puss Hole 2 and Jeffy Junior in Jeffy Has Kids!.
  • Many fans like Jeffy so much that they make their own Jeffy puppets. Some even send their Jeffy’s to Logan like in Jeffy’s flu shot.


  • Domino's Pizza Deliverer
  • School Student
  • Rapper
  • Actor