Jeff Joker Moreau

Jeff in his usual place on the Normandy.

I'm not good. I'm not even great. I'm the best damn helmsman in the Alliance Feet.

Jeff Moreau, more commonly known by his nickname Joker, is a major protagonist in the Mass Effect video game trilogy. He is arguably the most significant character in the series who isn't a squadmate, due to the fact that he is with Shepard for almost the entirety of the series, combined with the fact that he temporarily becomes a playable character in Mass Effect 2.


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Piolot of the Normandy

Flight lieutenant

Voice Actor: Seth Green


Joker is the first and only pilot of the Normandy. He alongside Shepard traveled the galaxy, and fought Soverign and his indoctrinated former Spectre Saren. Joker was actually the one who had sent the Normandy in to defeat Soverign after his defences were lowered, and was technically the one who defeated him, and the one that either saved the Council or thousands of humans. (Depending on who Shepard chooses). In Mass Effect 2, he tried staying behind during the Normandy's destruction, that until Shepard convinces him to leave. After the two years of Shepard's death, he comes back with the resurrected Shepard aboard the Normandy under Cerberaus's wing, and the two with help defeat the Collector's in the suicide mission. Then the two come back in Mass Effect 3 where Joker and the rest of the team take down the Reapers. Joker is the one of few characters that couldn't die no matter what the player chose (aside from choosing the fourth ending to Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut DLC) However his life does change, as if you choose the Synthesis ending he starts a life with EDI. Also Joker's sister was killed in the Reaper war, as she and an Asari later shown on the Citadel were avoiding Reaper forces before she was killed to not be detected by the forces.

Personality and History

Jeff is mostly a funny guy, and a comedic relief. He was wisecracking and smart ass remarks. But he is shown to have a harder side, and it almost comes across as dark humor as his life isn't exactly great. In flight school he was teased for his disease which makes his bones in his legs extremly weak, and it's very hard for him to walk. He got the nickname Joker for never smiling, but around graduation day when everyone lost to the crippled kid with the best scores, he was the one smiling.

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