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Jebediah is a worn-out old steam engine in 1991 film The Little Engine That Could. He sleeps in the roundhouse with his friends, Tillie, Georgia, Farnsworth and Pete one morning. As Tillie is pulling the milk train and talking to Georgia, he's still asleep. One afternoon, Jebediah pull some trck wagons when he sees Rollo and Grumpella arguring for the bithday train after Georgia breaks down. He tells them to excuse him because they're in his way so they move over. But as Jebediah chuffs back to the roundhouse, he stops right in front of the birthday toys who ask him to pull the birthday train to go over the mountains. Jebediah loves to, but unfortunately, he can't, because he's too old to pull the birthday train. Then he chuffs back to the roundhouse. Back at the roundhouse, Jebediah tells Tillie that he can't pull the birthday train over the mountain, so Tillie chuffs off to pull the birthday train over the mountain.