Jeb is Ryan Steele's dog. Jeb is your all around average dog, until an incident in the Lab. After Ryan recovered from the VR recovery table, Jeb was accidentally shot with a beam that enabled him to communicate like a human. He is very sarcastic, often blowing a raspberry with his tongue and playing pranks on unsuspecting people, especially the Mayor's wife--who he has a rivalry with. The VR Troopers often have to cover up for him. Jeb also communicated to the Troopers from dojo using Tao's computer, thanks to J.B.'s formatting. He has a cousin Zeb that looks identical to him, he ran off with him which made Ryan believe he was missing and make missing flyers. Jeb is extremely brave, fighting off Skugs in Grimlord's portal to deactivate a human DNA censor, disobeying Ryan's concerns. He was caught and imprisoned along with Tyler. Ryan eventually rescued him and they both survived the destruction of Grimlord's castle.

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