Jared Grace

Jared Grace examining Arthur Spiderwick's field guide

I'm telling you, something is in that house with us! Arthur Spiderwick knew about it, and that's why he wrote this guide.
~ Jared
Jared Grace is the main protagonist of The Spiderwick Chronicles book series and movie adaptation.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Jared Grace is the black sheep of the Grace family. He lives with his mother, Helen, his twin brother, Simon, and his big sister, Mallory. Jared is nine years old and although he has trouble controlling his anger and is prone to flashes of physical violence, he is remorseful and loves his family dearly. He also follows in his great-uncle Arthur Spiderwick's footsteps and protects his friends, family, and Spiderwick's guide from the wicked ogre Mulgarath.


  • Jared Grace is played by Freddie Highmore in the movie.


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