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Jane Porter

Jane Porter is the deuteragonist of Disney's Tarzan and its spin-off TV series The Legend of Tarzan.

Jane is a lady from Victorian London. She is a very beautiful, resourceful, feisty and kind woman with a sense of humour and a fondness for animals. She is shown to be talkative, yet charming as well as proper. She is also shown to have a love for art, and she is bold enough venture into the jungle to draw the wildlife. Even after Tarzan tickled her feet, peeked at her pantalettes and put his ear on her chest to hear her heartbeat, she saw beyond this and saw the man of her dreams due to his compassion, courage and wisdom. She treats animals as people and is willing to befriend them.

After she married Tarzan, Jane became less ladylike and more like an ape which was stated by Tarzan.

Jane is skilled at art, hand-to-hand combat, vine-swinging, swimming, and climbing.

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