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James Worthington Gordon is the head of GDP and a supporting character of the Batman franchise. He is also the adoptive father of Barbara Gordon.


Year One

Gordon started his crimefighting career in Gotham around the same time as Batman. He was transferred from Chicago along with his pregnant wife. He found himself immediately out of his comfort zone with the corrupt police force and the Batman who operated outside the law. Teaming up with his attractive new partner Sarah Essen, Gordon was inching closer to Batman's true identity every day.

He had a brief affair with Essen, but stopped it as soon as possible and confessed to his wife, who reluctantly forgave him. After his newborn son was kidnapped, Bruce Wayne rescued him. Gordon had lost his glasses earlier, leaving it up to the reader to guess if he'd figured out that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same. Gordon then teams up with Batman to take on the Joker and future threats.

In Other Media

Commisioner James Gordon

Gordon in the animated series

Gordon appears in every version of Batman.

Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy


Gordon as played by Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman portrays James Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Batman Franchise. He serves as the secondary deuteragonist in Batman Begins, the deuteragonist in The Dark Knight and the secondary tritagonist in The Dark Knight Rises.


See James Gordon (Gotham)

James Gordon appears as the main protagonist of the television show Gotham, which takes place prior to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. He is played by Ben McKenzie.


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