Dalton as Bomd
Background information
Origin The Living Daylights
Hero information
Full name James Bond
Alias 007
Occupation 00-suffix of MI6, international spy and assassin
Powers / Skills Skilled fighter, marksman, highly intelligent, excellent baccarat player, manipulator, aviator
Hobbies Sleeping with women, counter acting terrorism, Driving Cars, sports
Goals Tackle terrorism and succeed any assignment given to him
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Big Good

Commander James Bond is the main protagonist of 007 series. He is a Senior Operational Officer of the 'Double-O' ('00') Branch, an ultra-covert Black Ops unit within the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). As an agent of MI6, Bond holds code number "007". The 'double-O' prefix indicates his discretionary licence to kill in the performance of his duties.

He was approached by the Bond Producers twice before 1987, firstly in 1969, but Dalton thought he was too young to play the role. Also in 1979, but didn't accept the role as he stated that he disliked the parodic direction the 007 series was going.

Finally, Timothy Dalton took over the role from Roger Moore in 1987 two years after Moore's departure in 1985. He appeared in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill. Legal issues between the Bond producers and the studio over distribution rights resulted in the cancellation of a proposed third Dalton film scheduled for release in 1991 and put the series on a hiatus for several years until 1995. In 1994, Dalton announced that he would not return in the upcoming Bond film, Goldeneye before the role was given to Pierce Brosnan.

Film biography

Shared background

Although very little of Bond's past is directly addressed in Timothy Dalton's films, it is assumed that his Bond continues to share the common background laid out by the Ian Fleming novels and preceding Bond films.

In the novels, James' parents (Andrew Bond of Scotland and Monique Delacroix-Bond of Switzerland) were tragically killed during a climbing accident in the French Alps when he was eleven. He had acquired a first-class command of the French and German languages during his early education, which he received entirely abroad. After the death of his parents, Bond goes to live with his aunt, Miss Charmian Bond, where he completes his early education. Later, he briefly attends Eton College at "12 or thereabouts", but is removed after two halves because of girl trouble with a maid. After being sent down from Eton, Bond was sent to Fettes College in Scotland, his father's school.

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