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Jake (pirate)

Jake is the main protagonist in the Disney Junior animated series Jake and the Never land Pirates. He is a boy who is given a wooden sword from Peter Pan.

Physical Appearance

Jake wears a red bandanna, a blue and yellow vest, a pair of brown boots with the capital letter J, a black belt, a white shirt, and two blue shorts.


Jake, along with Cubby and Izzy, talks to the viewer about going on adventures across Never Land discovering new things. However, he dislikes the devious plans done by Captain Hook to foil the plan while on their adventures. Jake also gets help from other characters such as Peter Pan, the mermaids of Mermaid Lagoon, other residents of Never Land, etc.. Jake always has his sword to protect himself from the dangers of Never Land.


  • Jake, along with Izzy, Cubby, and many other residents of Never Land, are one of the characters not to appear in the books by Sir James M. Barrie and originally made by Disney.


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