Jack Slate is the main protaginist of the Dead to Rights series. Jack is the son Frank Slate and is the owner of Shadow, his canine partner. Jack is a police officer of the 87th Precinct in Grant City

In Dead to Rights: Retribution, Jack is badly injured at the start of the game (having a dislocated shoulder and a broken finger) and is about to be ambushed by two Triad members. But thanks to Shadow, he makes it to the Phillies Bar where he meets up with EMT Faith Sands, a friend of his. Jack then explains what happened. It all started during a terrorist attack at Temple Tower by the Union. After Captain Inness fails to negotiate with the terrorists, Jack disobeys his direct order and charges in. Jack manages to save the hostages from Temple Tower, including the owner, Julius Temple. Unfortunatley, Riggs, the leader of the Union, manages to escape, leaving Jack empty handed.

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