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JNPR (pronounced "Juniper") is a team in the world of RWBY. In Episode 8, the team had it's first fight together against a Deathstalker. Later in the same episode, the team was officially formed. During initiation, the team chose to bring the White Rook piece.




  • All of the characters upon which the members of Team JNPR are based are said to have disguised themselves as the opposite gender in their original stories.
    • Jeanne d'Arc, upon whom Jaune Arc is based, is known to have disguised herself as a man.
    • Achilles, upon whom Pyrrha Nikos may be based, is said to have disguised himself as a red-haired girl, and while doing so assumed the name Pyrrha.
    • Thor, upon whom Nora Valkyrie may be based, disguised himself as the goddess Freyja to infiltrate the giant Þrymr's fortress and retrieve his hammer, Mjölnir.
    • Hua Mulan, the possible basis for Lie Ren, disguised herself as a man to serve in the army in place of her aging father.
  • Juniper are coniferous plants.
  • JNPR (Juniper berries. blue) is a possible allusion to Rooster Teeth's other series, Red vs. Blue when compared to their rival Team RWBY (Ruby, red gemstone).
  • JNPR is the only known team whose name is neither pronounced like nor resembles the name of the team leader.
  • Team JNPR is the only team revealed thus far to consist of members of both genders, with the other two revealed teams, RWBY and CRDL, being all-female and all-male respectively.
  • Team JNPR is made up of four people whose fighting styles are based on archetypical warriors from a different culture: Jaune is European, Pyrrha is Greco-Roman, Ren is East Asian, and Nora is Nordic.
  • This page went under several other titles and theorized names before the team was officially formed in Players and Pieces.
    • YORB - based on the Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue/Black hair colors of the team members when first seen in a screenshot.
    • JAUN - based on Jaune, "Apricot", "Umber", and "Nero" before the reveal of the other members' names and through the belief that the team names would reflect that of the leader.
    • ANVL - based on their surnames Arc, Nikos, Valkyrie, and Lie, which was officially debunked by Monty Oum himself.

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