Izumo Kamiki is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series Blue Exorcist. She is an Exwire at True Cross Academy and a classmate of Rin Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama. She comes from a long line of shrine maidens, and was born with Heian Period noblewoman-like eyebrows. Although a top student, she is quite condescending towards her classmates, both in actions and words, though this attitude stems largely from a painful past revealed late in the series.

She is voiced by Eri Kitamura in the Japanese version of the anime and Kira Buckland in the English version.


Izumo has dark red eyes and long dark purple hair, which she usually keeps in a twintails or a ponytail hairstyle. Her most notable trait would be her small, oval shaped eyebrows, which is why Rin Okumura calls her by the nickname "Polkabrows". Her outfit is primarily the school uniform. She has also been called "cute" by Yohei.


Izumo describes herself as someone with a bad attitude who hates to lose. She maintains a very tsundere attitude most of the time, though it's mostly tsun and less dere. She is very cold and condescending towards those around her except for her friend Paku. She takes advantage of Shiemi and her naivety, when Shiemi asks to be her friend, by essentially making Shiemi her servant. She's almost always frowning, a trait she shares with Ryuji, with the only time she's not being when she's smiling smugly at someone's expense.

Despite this cold nature, she does occasionally show kindness. She was the first Exwire to accept Rin after learning that he was the son of Satan, and even sat next to him on the train to Kyoto when no one else would, as well as scolding the others for their poor treatment of him. In the anime, she encouraged him on his candle training when he was frustrated. Overall, she is quite considerate even though she does not appear that way, pretty much the defining trait of a tsundere.

Initially, Izumo keeps her distance from everyone in her class except Paku, even going so far as to say she'd rather die than be friends with them. This immediately earns her a reprimanding from Yukio, who reminds her that teamwork is essential for Exorcists since they're always paired in groups of two or more. After the group work together to defeat a Ghoul, she starts to open up to them more, and even puts herself down for not being a team player.

Izumo easily loses confidence when she sees her friends in distress, and temporarily lost control of her familiars after witnessing Paku get badly injured by a Ghoul. Overtime, however, she has slowly learned to stay calm and composed during battles.