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~ The Iron Giant's most famous quote

Iron Giant
Background information
Origin The Iron Giant
Hero information
Full name Iron Giant
Alias Monster, Giant, Metal Man, Giant Metal Monster
Occupation Robot
Powers / Skills Flight, speed, fixing himself
Hobbies Being with Hogarth
Family Unknown
Friends / Allies Hogarth Hughes, Dean McCoppin, Annie Hughes, Rogard
Enemies Kent Mansley, Rogard (formerly), Soldiers (formerly)
Type of Hero Robot Hero

The Iron Giant is the titular deuteragonist of the 1999 film of the same name.

He is voiced by Vin Diesel.

The Iron Giant first met Hogarth while he was looking for metal to eat. The Giant and Hogarth become good friends, he later meets Dean and get mad on him by taking Hogarth and Hogarth stops him and telling him that he is good. Hogarth and Dean taught the Giant about Earth. When the Giant is damaged or destroyed, he can repair himself. The Giant learned that a deer is killed by a gun, and Hogarth tells the Giant that guns kill, and souls can't die. Later on, the Giant was able to fly in the air, but is shot at the army, and the Giant gets Hogarth's revenge on the army and Kent Mansley by transforming into a big weapon. When the army discovers that Hogarth is not killed, and the Giant never killed Hogarth or anyone, the army began to stand down, and General Rogard begins to abort the missile launch, but Kent took the walkie talkie to launch the missile. Hogarth tells the Giant that the missile will destroy Rockwell and everybody, and the Iron Giant decides to sacrifice himself in order to save Rockwell and Hogarth. By the end of the film, all of his body parts, including his head were in the Langjokull glacier in Iceland and were coming back together to be repaired, meaning he isn't dead.


  • He is constantly thought to be the tritagonist of the film.



  • "I'm Super Man."
  • "I am not a gun."
  • "You stay. I go. No following."

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