Irene The Looking Glass
Irene is the protagonist of The Looking Glass.

Up until the events of the game she lived a pretty normal life, that was until she discovered that she could enter another world through the mirror in her room.

Unlike other fangame characters, which use the other world as a tool to explore her mind through various motifs, the player learns about Irene's personality through her many humorous observations and musings about the world around her.


Irene has short black hair and brown eyes. She wears a grey and purple patterned dress, black leggings and grey shoes. While at school she wears her uniform; a red blouse and a black skirt with a black tie. In her original sprite, her eyes were closed.


Observing her many remarks in game she is a rather clever individual, occasionally making witty remarks when you investigate objects or talk to certain NPC's. How she treats her classmates however depends on the choices the player makes when given the option. This interaction was implemented around version 0.05, notably her interactions with most of the denizens in the mirror world are not as complex, save for one or two like Faceless.

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