Hero Overview
Imperialdramon fighter rewt
Background information
Origin Digimon Adventure 02
Hero information
Full name Imperialdramon
Occupation Partner of Digidestined, Founder of the Royal Knights (Paladin Mode)
Powers / Skills Superhuman strength and speed, Sword and Cannon, Dragon Mode Fighter Mode, Paladin Mode, Flight, Omni Sword
Goals Protect his friends and defeat Diaboromon and MaloMyotismon (Adventure), restore peace to both worlds
Friends / Allies Davis Motomiya, Ken Ichijoji
Enemies MaloMyotismon, SkullSatamon, Daemon
Type of Hero Dragon Digimon

Imperialdramon is the true protagonist of Digimon Adventure 02. He is mega form of Paildramon.


He resembles an armored quadrupedal dragon that has a laser cannon on his back.

When he changes mode, he becomes Fighter Mode, a flying humanoid bipedal dragon with the same laser cannon on his left arm.

When change to Paladin Mode, he is an even more powerful alternate form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, achieved after Omnimon gave Imperialdramon Fighter Mode his power in Revenge of Diaboromon.

Famous battles

  • Imperialdramon vs. Triceramon
  • Imperialdramon Fighter Mode vs. SkullSatamon
  • Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon vs. Daemon
  • Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and WarGreymon vs. BlackWarGreymon
  • Imperialdramon Figter Mode, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon vs. MaloMyotismon

Powers & Ability

  • Mega Crusher
  • Positron Laser
  • Splendor Blade
  • Eternal Zeal
  • Giga Crusher
  • Supreme Positron Laser
  • Ionic Blaster
  • Omni Sword

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