Hope Sharpwhisker

Hope riding in a gondola, willing to help Geronimo

Hope Sharpwhisker is the heroine from Geronimo Stilton and the Mystery in Venice.


Hope is the niece of a bad-tempered glass shop owner, Stuart Sharpwhisker. She wants desperately to marry a carpenter named Arnold, but Stuart won't let her because he's not a very good glassmaker. It isn't really fair to Hope, who shuts herself away in the attic so she would get her mean uncle to understand her.

Hope sends out a message in a gondola asking for her help. Geronimo Stilton finds it and rushes to Venice to help her. He discovers her sobbing her eyes out and convinces Hope that he'll help her as long as she promises to stop crying and have fun with her friends.

Later on, Hope "grows from a sad sack into someone hopeful" and decides to help Geronimo and his family. Geronimo has made a deal with Stuart that he'll win the boat race so Hope can marry Arnold. He wins the race, aided by Hope. Stuart learns to love another and reluctantly lets Hope marry Arnold.


  • Hope Sharpwhisker may be one of the most endearing of Geronimo Stilton's heroines, alongside Thea Stilton, and one of which who transcends throughout the story.
  • Her personality is reminiscent of Ariel and Kiara.

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