Hiroshi as he appears in the novel.

So stupid... There is no way monsters can exist. It's scientifically impossible...
~ Hiroshi

Hiroshi is the protagonist of Ao Oni. He is the character that the player controls during the entirety of the game.


Ao Oni (Games)

In the beginning of the game, Hiroshi doubts the existence of a monster in the mansion, this has led most to believe he's the smartest of the group. However, he runs into the oni shortly after you gain control of him. After finding out that he and his friends are trapped in the mansion, Hiroshi begins to try and find a way so everyone can escape alive.

In the most recent version, Hiroshi is the only survivor of the mansion. He appears to be the "brainiac" of the group and shows this by completing the daunting puzzles present within the mansion, while still avoiding the monster.

Ao Oni (Novel)

The first year classroom's prodigy, Hiroshi wears his school uniform at all times. Extremely serious in nature, he almost always speaks with a formal tone. He does not believe in anything that cannot be scientifically proven.


  • In Ao Oni 5.2 he is a high school student but in the other oni games, he is a middle school student.
    • Even though Hiroshi's portrait has glasses and a scarf his sprite does not seem to wear them for some odd reason.