Hinahoho anime
Hinahoho is one of the Eight Generals of Sindria. He is one of the Imchuk Warriors of the Extreme North's Unexplored Region.


Hinahoho has a gigantic physique, like everyone of his race, with long blue hair, which is usually tied in a pony tail. He wears a blue bandana around his forehead. He has amber colored eyes, and carries around a coral-shaped weapon.


Hinahoho has a kind-hearted personality and cares about his kids a great deal. He loves kids so much, he even tries to get Sinbad to start his own family.


Not much is known about Hinahoho's past. He came from the Extreme North's Unexplored Region and became a resident of Sindria under special circumstances. Hinahoho is a widower and has 5 children.


Sindria Arc

When a Southern Creature attacks Sindria and Sinbad summons the Eight Generals, he stands alongside the rest of the Generals and watches as Sharrkan defeats it. At the Mahrajan Festival, Hinahoho and the rest of the Eight Generals are formally introduced to Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana.


He carries around a large red coral-shaped weapon.


  • His favorite type of woman is his (deceased) wife.
  • He likes serving his family, but recently, his daughter's rebellious age has been making him suffer tremendously.
  • He likes children and his weakness is the heat. His special skill is hunting.
  • He makes his appearance in the ending theme of the anime, alongside Spartos and Drakon.

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