Hikari Minowa
Hikari Minowa is a minor character seen in the anime, Aikatsu!. As on the 2014 Series, she is the "mascot" character for the official shop, a debut CD for her also has been announced.



Hikari has medium-length purple hair which is partially in a semi-twin tail. Her eye color is rouge.


Hikari displays a calm and cool type of personality. She tends to look flashy during her entrances but generally seems to be humble about her popularity. She is actually very serious about her performing and trains exclusively by herself as a result. Often going into hiding so that she can solely focus on it and have nobody else see it because she only wants her performances to be seen by her fans. Who she adores above all else.


She is a student of Starlight Academy and a popular online idol on the web. She is the rival of Ran Shibuki. She apparently skipped classes for her Net Live in the school's underground, makes her titled as "The Underground Sun " .


  • Johnny Bepp welcomes her with "Flash!".
  • She is one of the secondary/minor characters who had performed within the stage.
    • Her singer, Yuniko, is the only non-STAR☆ANIS official member who is credited with "from STAR☆ANIS".
  • She also uses Spicy Ageha.
  • Hikari looks almost exactly like Nozomi Yumehara/Cure Dream from Pretty Cure 5 and Pretty Cure 5 Go Go. By proxy, she also resembles Dark Cure Dream.