Hercules from Sandlot

Hercules is the main hero of The Sandlot. People thought that The Beast was a giant Gorilla-dog thing that ate someone, and is owned by a blind old man called Mr. Mertle. When the gang tried to get the ball back that was signed by Babe Ruth himself, The Beast always seemed to be one step ahead of them. When Benny, the leader of the gang confronts the Beast it turns out it's just a Mastiff named Hercules. There came a great chase and eventually they returned back to where they started and the fence came tumbling down onto Hercules. Scott Smalls and Benny saved Hercules and in returned Hercules gave the gang all the baseballs Hercules took and buried, that and a bunch of kisses. Hercules lived up to be 199 years old in dog years. It was then confirmed that he had a few puppies and one of them named Goliath, A.K.A. The Great Fear, who took on the next generation of The Beast.


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