Helba the Queen of Dark

Helba is an infamous hacker that appears throughout the parts of the .hack series in The World R:1



Helba is a surprisingly tall female character that wears revealing clothing. She dons head-wear similar to a priest's cap that covers her eyes. Her normally masked face is revealed in the second volume of XXXX.


Helba is always calm, collected, and confident in what she does. She also puts on a mysterious persona and acts suspiciously around her so-called allies. She always seems to know more than she's revealing.



Nothing is known about Helba except for the fact that she is a professional hacker who takes her work very seriously. Though she uses a female persona, it is not known whether she is actually female, or even whether she is just one person. She is very active on the Japanese servers of The World however, leading many to believe that she is Japanese.


She enjoys playing mind games and hacking, and finds such things as deleted data particularly interesting. She also has some knowledge of the Epitaph of the Twilight.



In SIGN, Helba gave information to the main characters by giving them hints to get into The Inverted Castle where AI Harald was located. At the later stage, Helba opened a Helba Gate, which gave them access to Net Slum. In Net Slum, they encountered copies of Tsukasa's data as well as Morganna's Guardians. After Aura was awakened by Tsukasa and the party encountered Skeith, Helba ordered them to retreat and deleted the field they were on.


Helba plays a much larger role in the .hack//Games. She interrupts Skeith's attack, preventing him from Data Draining Kite. She later informs Kite about his Data Drain and Gate Hack abilities. Her role consisted of sending subtle hints as well as retrieving deleted data. As Kite defeated more Phases and the true enemy began to reveal itself, Helba would become more actively involved by developing a program to counter the enemy and creating a server in which the final battle would be fought.

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