Hazuki Fujiwara
Paipai ponpoi puwapuwa puu!
~ Hazuki Fujiwara

Hazuki Fujiwara, known as Reanne Griffith in Magical DoReMi, is the deuteragonist of the series and one of the seven witch apprentices. She is an intelligent student at Misora Elementary, being friends with most of the girls and carrying a special relationship with her childhood friend, Masaru Yada. She has been Doremi Harukaze's closest and best friend for a long time.


Hazuki has long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is styled into a ponytail with a large, orange bow. She also has a long fringe going down the left side of her face and she wears round glasses. Her usual outfit consists of a cream knitted vest over a white shirt and an orange pleated skirt with white socks and brown shoes. When she enters 5th grade, her outfit changes into a cream shirt with a white collar, cuffs, buttons, and an orange skirt with cream socks and brown shoes.



Hazuki has been a best friend of Doremi since kindergarten. She is a shy, passive and sweet girl, and she tends to be one of the smartest students in her class. Hazuki always tries to stop arguments because she won't let friends fight each other, and always tries to help people make up.

Hazuki lives a wealthy life and cares for her family very much, especially her mother; however, she does not really like the dresses her mother picks out for, but will do everything that she is asked to do in order not to hurt her feelings. Because of this, Hazuki is most concerned in the way she isn't able to express her feelings. She has feelings for her classmate, Masaru Yada, which is possibly not one-sided. She also has a large fear of ghosts and tries to counter it with thoughts of Majo Rika, though this seldom works well. She also likes chiffon cake.

Hazuki also loves playing the violin. At first, she was asked to play the violin because her mother wanted her to, though she didn't want to, she did it anyway and started to like it. It is possible that she could also play the piano, after Doremi switched bodies with her and asked her parents if she could switch from playing the violin to piano (Doremi cannot play the violin), they weren't surprised that she could play the piano at all.


  • In the English dub, Reanne's voice actress switches voices from the first episode from the next on.