Full Name





Watership Down


Fiver's older brother, Chief Rabbit of the Watership Down warren


Sharp claws and teeth


To get to Watership Down (succeeded), To battle General Woundwort and the Efrafa rabbits.

Type of Hero



His brother Fiver, Bigwig, Hyzenthlay/Primrose, Pipkin, Blackberry, Hawkbit, Campion, Other rabbits of Watership Down, Kehaar, The Great Prince


General Woundwort, Vervain, Campion (formerly), Other Efrafa rabbits

Hazel is a brave and true buck, the central character in Richard Adams's fantasy novel Watership Down and it's film and TV series. He is voiced by the late John Hurt in the film and Ian Shaw in the TV series.

Book and Film

Hazel was born in the Sandleford Warren, but at the advice from his younger brother, Fiver, that it would be destroyed and the fact that he was not being well treated, left his birth place. Ultimately destined to be Chief Rabbit of the Watership Down Warren, he leads several rabbits out of Sandleford including Bigwig and Pipkin. Trusting in Fiver, Hazel leads the rabbits on many adventures before eventually finding Watership Down.

On the way, he earns their trust and loyalty with his quick decisions and understanding nature. With his ability to cultivate the best in everyone around him, the rabbits suceed with his leadership as he makes the most of each of their abilities. In the film he becomes mates with a doe rabbit named Hyzenthlay. Eventually Hazel dies from old age and passes on to the afterlife with the Great Prince.

TV Series

Hazel's role in the series is similar to the book and film but unlike those, he is alive and well. His appearance is also different from the film where he has brown fur instead his body is reddish brown and has brown fur on his face. He also has a different love interest, Hyzenthlay is replaced by a rabbit called Primrose.