Background information
Origin X-Men
Hero information
Full name Alex Summers
Alias Havok (codename)
Occupation Member of the X-Men
Powers / Skills Plasma blasts
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero

Havok is a member of the X-Men and X-Factor, and the younger brother the X-Men's leader Cyclops.


Always feeling second best to his brother Cyclops, Alex Summers nonetheless became an important part of the X-Men, even leading the team on occasion. Possessing the ability to fire concussive blasts of plasma out of his hands, Havok continues his on-again/off-again relationship with both the mutant team and his girlfriend Polaris.

The middle sibling of the Summers brothers (Cyclops being the oldest, and recent X-Men villain Vulcan being the youngest), Alex Summers was seperated from his brother Scott after the Shi'ar attack on their family's plane, which lead to their father being the anti-heroic space pirate, Corsair. Raised in a foster home, Alex learned that, like his big brother, he too was a mutant; in his case, his body absorbed cosmic radiation and converted into plasma beams he fires from his hands.

Exploited by his evil college professor, the Living Pharoh/Monolith, Havok was saved Scott and the rest of the X-Men, and joined them under the alias, Havok, wearing a special costume that monitored just how much cosmic energy he absorbed. Leaving the team with his girlfriend/teammate, Polaris, Havok has not only been a returning X-Man, but has even been the leader of the second generation X-Factor.

Powers and abilities

Cosmic energy granted plasma blasts.




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