Republic Spec Forces

The unidentified commander of Havoc Squad

The Havoc Squad Commander was the unidentified leader of Havoc Squad during the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Republic, who led his/her men to countless victories against the Sith, frequently coming up against Imperial General Rakton. One of the 4 members of Coruscant Aegis.


The future commander of Havoc Squad is first deployed to Ord Mantell under the command of Harron Tavus, secretly a traitor to the Sith Empire.  The soldier started out fairly inexperienced but quickly proved their worth on the battlefield, including with their exposing their commander officer's treachery. Partnered with Lieutenant Aric Jorgan, the soldier was tasked with rebuilding Havoc Squad from the ground up, and from there cobbled together an unlikely assortment of characters, including some individuals who would not necessarily seem like the best choices for service in the Republic army. Nevertheless, the soldier proved to be able to keep the group together well, and was promotoed repeatedly as he/she and their men distinguished themselves throughout the Cold War. Perhaps their finest hour was on Corellia, where they helped lead a major Republic victory on the planet against Sith forces led by General Rakton. The general attempted to convince the Havoc Squad Commander to put their talents to work serving the Sith Empire, but the good commander knew better and turned the offer down.


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