You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
~ Harvey Dent's prophetic quote

Harvey Dent (later known as Harvey Two-Face or simply Two-Face) is the hidden secondary antagonist of the 2008 epic superhero film The Dark Knight, and a minor character in the 2012 epic superhero film The Dark Knight Rises. He was played by Aaron Eckhart.

He was considered the White Knight of Gotham, who was also engaged to Rachel Dawes. He was tasked with bringing down the splintered mobs that had appeared in the wake of Falcone's abscence. Dent teams up with Gordon and Batman to track down their money launderer and mass prosecute them. This allows the Joker to step into the spotlight, demanding Harvey Dent and Batman surrender.

Chaos ensues as law enforcers are killed around them. Dent captures one of the Joker's goons and interrogates him, displaying his darker side as he does so. Batman stops him and volunteers to turnhimself in. Dent beats him to the punch by publicly announcing that he is the Batman. Dent is then taken across town in an armored police van, only to be ambushed by the Joker and his men. Batman rescues Dent and leaves him with Gordon's men.

Unfortunately, Gordon's men are on the mob's payroll and leave Dent tied up in an abandoned building with a bomb and dozens of gasoline barrels. Hearing Rachel's voice on a walkie-talkie and knowing that she was in a similar predicament, Dent tried escaping, only to have half his face doused in oil. When Batman recues him, Dent panics. The building then explodes, igniting the oil on his face and leaving him horrifically damaged. After finding out that Rachel had died, Dent gave in to despair and became Two-Face. The Joker takes advantage of Dent's trauma, prompting him to exact revenge. As the newly-dubbed "Two-Face", a contemptuous nickname that Dent was called by cops when he was working in Internal Affairs, he hunts down those he sees as responsible for Rachel's death. Seeing random chance as the only fair thing left, he decides his victims' fates with his "father's lucky coin" (a two-headed coin with one side scarred by the explosion). Eventually, Two-Face takes Gordon's family to the warehouse where Rachel died. Batman arrives and challenges Two-Face to judge the three who pressured the Mafia to turn to the Joker for assistance: himself, Batman, and Gordon. Two-Face flips the coin for Batman, whom he shoots, and himself, whom he spares; instead of flipping for Gordon, however, the former D.A. opts to flip for Gordon's son, intending to inflict upon him the pain of losing a loved one. As the coin flies through the air, Batman tackles Two-Face, who falls off a ledge to his death. Batman takes the blame for Two-Face's murders in order to make sure Dent is remembered as a hero.

Dent's legacy plays an important role in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. Set eight years later, the film reveals that the "Dent Act" legislation which has all but eradicated organized crime in Gotham. Plagued with guilt over covering up Two-Face's killing spree, Commissioner James Gordon considers publicly revealing the truth but decides that Gotham is not yet ready. Later, Bane acquires the speech that Gordon had planned to deliver exposing Two-Face's crimes and Gordon's cover-up with Batman. After defeating Batman and taking over Gotham, Bane reads the speech about Two-Face on live television to undermine public confidence in the law and throw Gotham's social order into upheaval. This is all part of a larger plan to destroy Gotham, with the first act having the League of Shadows release all of Blackgate Penitentiary's inmates, many of whom were locked up under the Dent Act. When Batman & The GCPD reclaimed the city from the League of Shadows, with Batman supposedly perishing in the process, Batman is soon recognized as the city's true hero while the Dent act was eliminated and all of Harvey's other possible accolades were retracted as a result of the revelation of his corruption.

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