I am a crazy rabid squirrel! I WANT MY COOKIES!
~ Hammy

Hammy is the tritagonist of DreamWorks' 12th full-length animated feature film Over The Hedge, and the main protagonist of Hammy's Boomerang Adventure. He is a naïve and innocent red squirrel and RJ's and Verne's best friend. He is voiced by Steve Carell.


Hammy is a hyperactive red squirrel whose mouth moves as fast as his feet. He is innocent, intelligent (despite he acts like a dim-witted many times he have a genius intellect as he showed at the 3ne of the film when he defeats both Vincent, Gladys Sharp and Dwayne LaFontainte), curious, and very childish in nature with an extremely short attention span. He often gets on the nerves of those around him, but endears himself to them at the same time, as long as he stays away from the super energy drinks anyway. Hammy can run at the speed of light and has fast reflexes. His favorite food is cookies.

Movie Role

Upon first meeting RJ, Hammy became extremely fond of him, completely naive at the fact that RJ was using them. In the scene where the world stops turning due to Hammy drinking soda, he moves ahead as the others freeze. He adjusts the laser trap lengths, turns on the lasers, retrieves the chocolate-chip cookie from the roof and eats the cookie while going back to the hedge and then the world resumes turning.