Hajime Ichinose

Hajime Ichinose is the main protagonist of Gatchaman Crowds.


Hajime is a carefree girl, who doesn't follow rules. She knows exactly what she is doing most of the time she just doesn't care about consequences.


She is a 16-year old female high school girl living in Tachikawa City, who is a new member of the G-Crew. She is powerful and energetic, has artistic spirit and is a bit strange but in a good way. She has a knack for collecting stationery and gets excited over new models of pens and scissors. She is put under the responsibility of Sugane, but disobeys his orders and impulsively acts on her own. Her actions, however greatly affect her teammates and the world.



Hajime is skilled in arts and crafts such as origami as well as using hardware tools such as a power drill.

Her Gatchaman form is a neon pink, blue and white armor with pink hair in pigtails. It resembles a maid outfit with feathers on the skirt with retractable motorized rollerblade boots and wings.


  • Blanc et Noir: Twin blades holstered in the boots of Hajime's armor that can combine into a giant pair of scissors. The scissors can also be used as a large sword when closed.
  • Petits Ciseaux: Small blue scissors that have a bird head and a blue G logo on them. Used as throwing daggers.
  • Balles Patsels: Red, blue, and yellow projectiles fired from a launcher on Hajime's right hand.
  • Wings de l'Avenir: A pair of retractable wings that resemble swan heads that grant Hajime the power of flight
  • Grand Ciseaux: A secondary pair of scissors formed when the Wings de l'Avenir detach from Hajime's armor and combine. The Grand Ciseaux is smaller that the Blanc et Noir and is used as a short sword when closed.


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