Gwenda is one of the main heroic characters in the live action series "World Without End", and becomes the lover of Wulfric. She is a very tragic individual, having been repeatedly victimized and raped by others, including her own father. She is portrayed by Nora von Waldstaetten.


Gwenda first appears in the series premiere along with her brother and father. Though she loves her brother dearly, her father is a cruelly abusive individual, who according to Gwenda has had her steal for him from a very young age. Finally becoming tired of her father's abuse, Gwenda abandons him, only for her father to then trade her to another man for a cow. Her captor attempts to take advantage of her, but Gwenda manages to escape from him. Afterwards she comes to live on the same farmland as Wulfric, a man she had previously admired after learning that he stood up for a woman. The two grow close, and after Wulfric's previous lover abandons him, he embraces Gwenda as his new beloved. Gwenda attempts to get Wulfric's inheritance back from Ralph Fitzgerald, but he tricks her into having sex with him instead.  Gwenda is later shown to have a child, but whether it is Wulfrics or Ralphs is unclear.

After learning that Annet was raped by Ralph, Wulfric is all set to kill him but Gwenda convinces him to instead seek justice within the system, which Wulfric begrudgingly agrees to. Unfortunately, though Ralph is convicted he is saved from death by the arrival of King Edward III, who is willing to pardon any criminal who agrees to fight for him in his war with France.

Tragedy strikes when one of Wulfric and Gwenda's two children dies from the Plague, but afterwards Gwenda approaches Caris and tells her that she wants to at last marry Wulfric officially, and that she wants Caris to be the one to wed them, to which Caris agrees.

After their marriage Gwenda and Wulfric decide to take up Caris' offer to farm the now abandoned priery lands, even though that for them to do so would be to desert from Ralph Fitzgerald. When Ralph learns of this he is enraged and threatens to murder Wulfric's son if he does not stand down. He also demands that Gwenda surrender her son to him, to which Gwenda refuses. She and her brother then rally the peasants against Ralph and his thugs, saving Wulfric from being hanged. Gwenda and her family later participate in the Battle of Kingsbridge. During the fight, Gwenda is attacked and nearly killed by one of Edward III's soldiers, but Wulfric intervenes and saves her life. The two are last seen embracing one another and their son as they realize that Kingsbridge has been spared.


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