Gwappamon t
Background information
Origin Digimon Data Squad
Hero information
Full name Gwappamon
Alias None
Occupation Partner of DATS
Powers / Skills DJ Shooter, Guappa Punch
Goals To fight evil other digimon
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Digimon

Gwappamon is a minor hero in Digimon Data Squad. He resembles the monster Kappa. His known attacks are DJ Shooter and Gwappa Punch. He is Champion form of Kamemon and digivolve to Shawjamon.

Digimon Data Squad

Kamemon first digivolved into this form in episode 18 to distract Merukimon so that the DATS team could go back to the real world. He later helped out in defending the Sacred City from the Gizumon XT. He also fought against Knightmon.

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