Gunner is a 20 year old female firearm puppet. She has the soul of Cony Toulon. Her Orriteation is straight. Her friends and family is Courty, Tex, Blade, Jester, Tunneler and Six-Shooter. Her enemies is Junko and Kiki. She has a 'Crush' on Six-Shooter. Her personality is Quiet, Short tempered, Sarcastic, Kind (at times), a bit on the wild side. She likes Dark places, smoking, reading certian books-ie horror novels- and hates Fire places, storms-she's scared of thunder-. Her flaws is Uncontrolable trigger finger, poor eye sight. She uses Any and all firearm Weapons. The Bio is Cony was once a regular human but when mudered by someone or something her uncle, Andre Toulon, made her into a puppet. However her puppet form got her 'other' persona. Her 'family' now consists of the puppets Courty and Tex. Two puppets which she made when she was a human. Her other eye that has no pupil was a mistake by her uncle.He didn't notice it till after he brought her to life.