Gun Gibson

Gun Gibson (ガンギブソン Gan Gibuson) is a gray, heavy-armed android created by the Gang Guards to destroy Janperson, he later switched sides and became Janperson's android partner. Armed with two guns - one with an aiming bullet and the other a dumb bullet. He was later armed with a powerful bazooka which he used in battle and had a motorcycle that he uses during battles. Although thought to have been destroyed by Bill Goldy near the finale, he was shown to have survived well enough and joined in the final battle. He had an android-girlfriend named Kai who was also made by the Gang Guards and was killed by the Gang Guards during their first battle with Janperson. Kai was revived by Kaoru at the end of the series, only to be killed again. His weight is 15 ton.


  • Ganboruba
  • Buroson
  • GG Slayer


Also see

  • Silver Ray, his american counterpart from Big Bad Beetleborgs

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