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Anti Hero
Gumball happy.

Full Name

Zach Tristopher Watterson (formerly)
Gumball Tristopher Watterson (currently)




The Amazing World of Gumball




None, other than mischief


Hanging out with Darwin


To get Penny to fall in love with him.


All (Minus friends)

Type of Hero

Feline Hero


Zachary "Gumball" Watterson is the main protagonist of the television series, The Amazing World of Gumball.

He is student a that attends Elmore High School along with his brother, Darwin, and his sister, Anias. He has a major crush on Penny, an antlered peanut. She has a crush on him too, but both have trouble expressing thier feelings to each other. At times, he causes trouble, but then later learns from his mistakes.

Defeated/Deceased Enemies

  • Tina on the episode The Mustache he eat all the protein supplements and During School Gym, Miss Simian announces that they're going to play dodgeball, which Gumball can't stand. Tina comes over to Gumball and remarks that's he's going to get pummeled, which he does unfortunately. After almost being hit with a bowling ball, Gumball decides he has had enough, as his arms begin to grow to massive proportions, his body becomes ripped, and the mustaches grow back. He throws a dodgeball with terrifying strength, which hits Tina and causes her to crash through the wall.
  • Tobias on the episode The Knight he kick his belly to save Penny from Penny's dad's car.
  • Virus on the same name episode he stomped to save the world.
  • Bomb Guy on the episode The Lesson The 3 escapes goes up to the rooftop inside the vent, but finds themselves stuck as the rooftop vent cannot be opened. Gumball then angers Bomb Guy, causing his fuse to go off without him knowing, and they escape down in time for Bomb Guy to go off and explode the vent. His last words are "Well played." The Duo Finaly escape the School.
  • William on the episode The Voice Gumball hits William with a tennis racket, knocking him out of a window.
  • Ant-One on the episode The Recipe At the pool, Ant-One corners Gumball and Anton, stating that he will replace Anton and become Gumball's friend, whom he calls "father". Gumball climbs up the diving board with Anton, explaining that Ant-One is not the original. This drives Ant-One to charge Anton, stating that if he "can't be the one, then no one can." Gumball grabs them both as they dangle off the board. Ant-One, believing that they are too heavy for Gumball, says that he must let them go. Gumball pulls them up easily, but Ant-One scratches Gumball and is dropped into the pool. He sinks to the bottom and is shredded as he is sucked into the drain.
  • Zach on the episode The Name Gumball defeats Zach writing Gumball in arcade game.
  • Chanax on the episode The Boss Gumball says that it is just a bottle of breath air and rips Rocky's and all of Soulless Office Workers' contract. Defeated, Mr. Chanax crumples up into a ball to is death and Newspaper Employee (free from the crontol of Mr. Chanax) collapses and every employee regains their sprit, including Rocky. With the deed done, the three hurry to the hospital while the employees heard the news that the Goblin assistant of Mr. Chanax has been promoted to CEO by the shareholders due to Mr. Chanax's "retirement" and told them to get back to work, earning a groan from everyone in the building.


Don't be silly. I've got a much better idea.
~ Gumball, The DVD, first season


  1. Both are titular heroes/anti-heros.
  2. Both luckiness and hopeless.
  3. Both have high-pitched voice.
  4. Both have hot head person, who are more mature, than themselves and are control freak a bit: Anais, Nicole and Benson respectively.
  5. Both have love interests, who are leaders and tomboys: Penny and CJ.
  6. Both have bully friends, who were their enemies: Tobias and Muscle Man.
  7. Both have all enemies.
  8. Both are idiots and odd.
  9. Both are leaders.


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