Where? Where? Where did you go, Princess.
~ Green Grass

Green Grass or グリーン・グラス is a pseudonym for twin women. They used to be picture book authors, they are also Top Designers for Aurora Fantasy.


They used to be picture book authors, meaning, that they can paint really well. Sakura Kitaōji is a huge fan of their picture books and Aurora Fantasy coords. They are Makoto Nijigahara's friend.


Both twins look exactly the same - with long blonde hair, blue eyes and goddess-like outfits. It is unknown, which one is Lisa and which is Elena, because they never introduced themselves and look totally the same.


The sisters are calm and lovely. They love painting, but are bad at writing letters, so they made Premium Rare Cards for Sakura instead of replying. They're also known to be very shy. They hug Sakura as she tries to visit them.

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