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Green Arrow (DC Comics)

This. this what I am this who I am come hell or high water if I deny it I deny everything I've ever done everything I ever fought for.
~ Green Arrow

Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, is a hero in the DC Universe, and a member of the Justice League.


Much like Batman, Oliver Queen was born into a life of luxury. Unlike the Caped Crusader, Oliver grew up a spoiled billionaire. But he was in for the rude awakening of his life. While on a yacht trip, Oliver was stranded on a deserted island for one year. Rather than let nature take its course, the young man decided to make the best of the situation; He remembered his love of archery from his childhood, so Oliver created specialized arrows to use for catching food and taught himself the ways of the archer.

He also made a suit of palm tree leaves for clothes. Escaping from the island via commendering a boat from a crew of criminals (who mockingly referred to him as Green Arrow due to his suit). Oliver decided he would use his new skills to fight crime under the alias of the Green Arrow. Years later, after being robbed of his fortune and company by a corrupt partner, Oliver became more of an anti-hero. He was willing to break the law in order to protect innocent people. Over all though, he is still a super hero, taking down not only supervillains, but every day villains as well.


Green Arrow has no superpowers, but is so skilled an archer, he's been dubbed the world's greatest archer.


The way I see it, we can doe one of two things: run for it... in which case they can overtake use a power boat and machine gun use from a safe distance... or we stand and fight!
~ Green Arrow

Maybe I'm not the smartest guy in the world. But I've learned that you solve your own problems first. If an ass recreates the world in his own image then he winds up with a world only an ass would want to live in.
~ Green Arrow

They picked a loyal American... a guy who bought the whole god-and-country line crap... A man who though this still stood for something... despite the fact it's been spit on, burned and dragged through the dirt of every miserable political war since Vietnam. I believe in it. You tell me... How am I supposed to forget that? Kiss my ass sir!
~ Green Arrow


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