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Gordon the Big Engine


• The Shooting Star
•Galloping Sausage
• Falling Star
• Lazybones


• Thomas and Friends
• The railway series


Express Train

Powers / Skills

Speed and Strength


• Pulling express coaches
• Teasing the other small engine
• Bragging


• Pulling goods train
• Being stuck in Gordon's hill
• Being teasing by Flying Scotsman and the other engine
• Thomas
• Spencer
• The other engine who pull his express coaches
• Percy
• Philip
• Henry (sometime)
• Steam Team

Known Relative

• The Flying Scotsman ( Brother )
• Unnamed Brother and Sisters ( All scrapped )
• Spencer , Mallard, Green Arrow, Ryan and The Flying Thistle (Cousin)


• Being useful engine in Sodor
•Winning the Great Race competition (The Great race only- Failed)

Type of Hero

Heroic jerks , Speedster , Last of Kind, Supporter


Oh, the indignity!
~ Gordon's catchphrase when he feel annoyed

Express coming through !
~ Godon's catchphrase when he pulling Express coaches

Gordon the Big Engine is the main antagonist of the classic series of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, the tetartagonist of all the New Series and CGI Series seasons, the secondary antagonist in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and a major character in The Great Race. He is the senior member of the Steam Team. He is proud, pompous and arrogant engine, and thinks he is most superior to others. This could get Gordon in trouble from time-to-time. He always lives to pulling the Express, and hates pulling freight cars, and has once fallen in a ditch to avoid doing so. Despite this, he can be kind, forgiving, remorseful and very good-hearted, and will always use his super strength to help smaller engines out of trouble. 

He shares a good-natured rivalry with James and Henry, and from time to time acts as a bully, particularly towards Edward, but following mis-adventures where Edward had to help him, Gordon had to acknowledge that Edward is still a Really Useful engine, despite being old.

Gordon's cousin and rival is Spencer, who he never gets along well with, despite the fact they both share the same pompous attitude.


Gordon was built experimentally by Sir Nigel Gresley at the Great Northern Railway's Doncaster Works in 1922 as an "A0" Pacific, a so-called "prototype" of all his A1-A3 Pacific.Its also mention by himself that before he arriving to Sodor,he used to be painted in Green with black and white lining and working in King Cross when he still young. After Gresley was finished using Gordon for designing his A1 Pacifics, he sold Gordon, along with a spare boiler and firebox, to the North Western Railway.In Sodor, he repainted with Blue and giving the number 4. Many years later, He found that all of his sibling are scrapped but only one engine who still save until now, the Flying Scotsman.


  • His buffers are pill-shaped instead of circlular
  • His engine ID number is 4
  • In the CGI Series, he no longer to have wrinkles on his forehead when he gets mad, cross, or worried but Squidward Tentacles (from Spongebob Squarepants) still has wrinkles on forehead while getting mad, cross, or worried.
  • Shooting-star Gordon

    "The Shooting Star" Gordon

    In The Great Race , he temporary being streamlined for make him special in the competition
  • Gordon and the Flying Scotsman are the last kind of their classes and all of his sibling already scrapped except them.
  • Gordon already twice to have burst in his safety valve, first in Edward, Gordon and Henry and second in The Great Race

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