Ginormica pose
Background information
Origin Monsters vs. Aliens
Hero information
Full name Susan Murphy
Alias Ginormica, Susie Q (by her father)
Occupation Giant monster superhero
Powers / Skills Immense strength, Giant size
Hobbies Unknown
Goals Marry Derek (formerly), now protect the earth from Gallaxhar (succeeded)
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Gentle Giant, Pessimist Turned Optimist

Susan "Ginormica" Murphy is the main protagonist of Monsters vs. Aliens. She is a parody of the 50-foot Woman from the film of the same name. She is played by Reese Witherspoon in the film and Riki Lindhome in the TV series.


On her wedding day Susan got hit by a meteor filled with a gooey substance called Quantonium and caused her to to grow into a giant, and as her hair turned white with pigment damage, she lost her identity, perhaps her very existence, to Ginormica, her new monster alter ego.  She was sent to a secret monster prison and she and the other monsters were released to fight the villainous Gallaxhar.

Personality and Abilities

Ginormica car skates

Somewhat meek and unassertive, she initially wants nothing more than to return to her old life, but gradually warms to her status as a giant. Due to her exposure to the meteor's radiation, she is very tall and strong, which helps her destroy Gallaxhar's weapons.

She was in love with a weatherman named Derek Dietl, but when she grew tall, he said it was over, causing Susan to stay away from him. After seeing him as the narcissist he is, she humiliates him during his interview with her.


  • Susan is the second female main protagonist of a Dreamworks movie (the first being Ginger).
  • She was inspired by Nancy Archer, tragic character from Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, for the following reasons:
    • Both were mutated to colossal size as results of exposure with extraterrestrial radiation (in Ginormica's case, Quantonium) and unable to revert to their normal sizes.
    • Both were eventually cheated by their love interests, though Ginormica was only cheated after her mutation.


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