Background information
Origin Total Drama
Hero information
Full name Geoff
Alias The Funniest Guy Around and Captain Hollywood
Occupation Contestant on Total Drama and primary co-host of the Total Drama Aftermath
Powers / Skills Bullying (formerly), cooking skills, hosting skills and surfing
Hobbies Being sadistic (formerly), hanging out with his friends, surfing and spending quality time with Bridgette
Goals Get revenge on Blaineley for sending Bridgette to Siberia (succeeded) also win the Ridonculous Race with Brody and the million dollars (failed/succeeded)
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Business Hero, Friend of a Villain, Right-Hand

Geoffrey "Geoff" is a character in the Total Drama series as well as a contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action; however, he doesn't qualify for Total Drama World Tour, though he does get to host the Aftermaths for said season. When he saw Bridgette, be begins to fall in love with her, with the help of DJ. After she got sprayed by skunks, he refuses to voted her off because he loves her. He is afraid of hail in "Phobia Factor". He is the main antagonist of the Total Drama Aftermath during Total Drama Action (particularly the second and third). He returns in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race as one of the protagonists with his best friend, Brody, and paired with him as The Surfer Dudes. Geoff and his best friend Brody are one of the main protagonists where they become one of the finalists of the season after being brought back into the competition despite being initially eliminated.



  • Alejandro Burromuerto
  • Blaineley
  • Eva
  • Heather
  • Jacques
  • Josee


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