Gene is the main protagonist of The Emoji Movie.

He is voiced by T.J. Miller who voices Tuffnut from How to Train Your Dragon film series and Fred in Big Hero 6.

He is a meh (😒) emoji just like his parents, Mel and Mary Meh, but he only makes more expressions and emotions than no other emojis does. After he make a "wrong face" on the text, he was forced to be deleted by Smiler's minions, the Bots, but he is rescued by the high-fived emoji, Hi-5 and take to the Loser Lounges, where emojis don't fit in right.


Gene is a yellow emoji with a swift hair, green eyes and brown eye-brows. He also has a gap in his teeth.


Gene is a happy, kind, senstive and emotional meh emoji who wants to be like the other Emojis.

He also wants to be meh like his parents.

He is also sad due to not being like the other Emojis. 


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