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Gene emoji movie
Background information
Origin The Emoji Movie
Hero information
Full name Gene Meh
Alias Gene
Occupation Meh Emoji
Powers / Skills
Goals Have himself reprogrammed so he could be a real meh (formerly, succeeded)
Stop Smiler from deleted him and prevent Alex deleting everying in his phone, then fit in with the rest of the emojis (all suceeded)
Family Mary Meh (mother)

Mel Meh (father)

Friends / Allies Hi-5, Jailbreak (girlfriend)
Enemies Smiler
Type of Hero Zero to Hero

Gene is the main protagonist of the 2017 critically panned animated movie The Emoji Movie.

He was voiced by T.J. Miller who voices Tuffnut from How to Train Your Dragon film series and Fred in Big Hero 6.

He is a meh (😒) emoji just like his parents, Mel and Mary Meh, but he only makes more expressions and emotions than no other emojis does. After he make a "wrong face" on the text, he was forced to be deleted by Smiler's minions, the Bots, but he is rescued by the high-fived emoji, Hi-5 and take to the Loser Lounges, where emojis don't fit in right.


  • Eventhough, Gene is not a famous superhero, he shares some similarities with Batman from the LEGO Batman Movie:
    • Both are the protagonist of an animated movie.
    • Both narate the beginning of their movies.
    • Both have sidekicks ( Robin and Hi-5.)
    • Both are based on iconic characters.
    • Both have girlfriends ( Batgirl and Jailbreak.)
    • Both have archenemies that smile a lot (The Joker and Smiler.)
    • Both learn important lessons (Batman learns that he can work with other people; Gene learns that all emojis can have more than one emotion.)
    • Both save the day.
    • Both of their movies came out in 2017.
  • Gene is the similar of Penn Zero from Penn Zero: Part Time Hero.
    • Both are main protagonist
    • Both have Wiseman. Gene with Hi-5, Penn with Boone Wiseman.
    • Both save the day.


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