Gen Ohto

Gen Otori (おゝとり ゲン, Ōtori Gen) is the Human form of Ultraman Leo, who took this form immediately after his first battle on Earth with Alien Magma and the Gilas Brothers, he was the prince of the now destroyed world of a second planet of Ultra's (after the Land of Light) ruled by his parents. The only other known survivors where his brother Astra and his pet Ron.

Ultraman Leo

The protagonist and the seventh MAC team member. After his home world in Nebula L-77 was destroyed by Alien Magma, he moved toPlanet Earth, following the invaders. After the battle with Alien Magma and Gillas Brothers, he was invited to the team MAC. He made his living as a coach in the Town South Club and his girlfriend was the member of the Town South Club (but was killed by Saucer Monster No.1 - Silver Bloome). After the MAC Station and Town South Club were destroyed, he lived in his friend's Mei san's house. Unemployed he spent his free time training local youths to defend themselves, a trait that saved him in his last battle as the children took on Commander Blak themselves. After defeating Black End, the last of the saucer monster from the Black Star and the death of Commander Black, he decided to travel, taking of to unknown places