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Nothing says peace like a giant gun.
~ Gary's most famous quote

Gary Supernova is the main protagonist of the 2014 animated movie Escape From Planet Earth. He is voiced by Rob Corddry.

When his estranged brother Scorch Supernova arrives on "the dark planet" (Earth), Gary follows on and finds himself at 7 Eleven. While there, the 7 Eleven clerks decide to give him a "peace offering" (a slushie). Gary gets a brain freeze and while it blanks out the clerks yelling at him, one says "it's called a 'brain freeze'. You need to learn to sip."


  • Gary is the older brother, despite Scorch being bigger and muscular than him.
    • Gary being the older brother is ironic because Rob Corddry, who voices Gary, is younger than Brendan Fraser, who voices Scorch.

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