Hero Overview
Garudamon tri
Background information
Origin Digimon Adventure, 02 and tri.
Hero information
Full name Garudamon
Alias None
Occupation Partner of Digidestined
Powers / Skills Wing Blade
Hobbies None
Goals To fight other Digimon, to save Digital World from evil
Friends / Allies Sora Takenouchi
Enemies DemiDevimon, Myotismon, VenomMyotismon, MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, Piedmon, Apocalymon, Alphamon
Type of Hero Digimon

Sora, I can feel your love. It's making me strong.
~ Garudamon to Sora

Garudamon is one of the main heroes in Digimon Adventure and a minor hero in Digimon Data Squad. Her known attack is Wing Blade. She is the Digivolved form of Birdramon, the Digi-partner of Sora.


She resembles a giant eagle.

Digimon Adventure

Garudamon debuted when Myotismon made himself known to the DigiDestined. Biyomon, weakened from DemiDevimon's dart, was determined to protect Sora. Sora's refusal to allow her to fight made her realize that she did know what love was and that she felt it for Biyomon and her mom. When Birdramon was hit by Myotismon's "Crimson Lightning Attack", Sora ran towards her shouting, "Birdramon, No, I love you!" This caused her crest to glow and Birdramon was able to digivolve to Garudamon, who managed to stop Myotismon and allowed the other DigiDestined to escape.

​Digimon Adventure 02

Sora used the crest power to free the Digimon Sovereigns, Biyomon lost the power to become Garudamon until three years later, when Azulongmon gave one of his DigiCores to the DigiDestined Digimon. This allowed them to digivolve to their ultimate forms again.

Garudamon appeared this time in Moscow to help the Russian DigiDestined fight against a swarm of Flymon and a stampede of Mammothmon.

​Digimon Adventure tri.


Birdramon digivolve to Garudamon and then digivole again to Hououmon to fight Machinedramon.

Digimon Data Squad

Garudamon digivolved from Aquilamon, after taking a hit from GeoGreymon. When Kristy arrived at the scene, Garudamon tried to remember the happy times he had with Kristy. Unfortunately, the madness Garudamon was suffering from was too strong, enraging him to the point that a dark aura surrounded him and making what little remained of his consciousness vanish. He then attempted to kill the girl. But when his attack rendered Marcus's mother unconscious, his sister hopeless and delusional and left GeoGreymon near death, Marcus's anger charged him with enough D.N.A to evolve GeoGreymon to RizeGreymon, who destroyed the possessed Garudamon. Garudamon then became a Digi-Egg and Kristy was glad her friend's suffering is over. The madness was due to Merukimon attempting to remove the feelings and memories that Biyomon had of Kristy which twisted him.

Later on, Biyomon returns and digivolves into Garudamon to protect Kristy from Leopardmon's attack. Garudamon then faces off against Craniamon and King Drasil in the real world.

Famous Battles

  • Garudamon vs. Myotismon
  • Garudamon vs. Mammothmon
  • Garudamon vs. Snimon
  • Garudamon vs. Puppetmon
  • Garudamon vs. Piedmon
  • Garudamon vs. RizeGreymon
  • Garudamon vs. Craniamon
  • Garudamon vs. King Drasil


  • In Digimon Adventure, Birdramon is the Digivolved form of Birdramon and Garudamon's gender is female, but in Digimon Data Squad, Garudamon Digivolves from Aquilamon and Garudamon's gender is male.

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