Forgive the insubordination, but this old friend has an order for you... Go out there and give them hell. You were born to do this.
~ Garrus Vakarian to Commander Shepard before the Battle of London (Mass Effect 3)

Garrus Vakarian is one of the main protagonists in the video game series Mass Effect. He is a former C-Sec officer-turned-vigilante and one of Commander Shepard's closest allies during the fight against the Reapers. He is one of the only two characters to be available as a full-time squadmate in all three games, the other being Tali'Zorah vas Normandy.

He was voiced by Brandon Keener.


Mass Effect

Garrus is first encountered as a C-Sec officer that Shepard can ask in terms of hunting down rogue Spectre Saren Arterius, later joining him after saving Dr. Chloe Michel from a gang of thugs. With Garrus's help, Shepard is able to convince the Council that Saren is a traitor and must be brought down. He joins Shepard in the ship Normandy and assisted him in many battles until Saren is killed while attempting to help Sovereign launch a Reaper invasion of the Milky Way galaxy.

Mass Effect 2

After Shepard dies in a Collector attack that destroys the Normandy, Garrus returns to C-Sec and becomes more disillusioned with its regulations in taking down crimes. He quits his position and relocates to Omega, where he becomes known as the vigilante "Archangel". He gathers a similar-minded group of vigilantes to exact justice towards many criminals, but he is later betrayed by a Turian named Lantar Sidonis, leading to his men dying in an ambush.

Garrus is cornered alone, fighting for his life in an abandoned building when all mercenary groups at Omega unite just to kill him. Thankfully, Shepard turns out to be alive and comes to Garrus' rescue. Shortly after the fight, Garrus learns that Shepard was brought back by the Illusive Man, the mysterious leader of Cerberus, and Garrus happens to be in the dossier of soldiers Shepard needs to assist him in defeating the Collectors. Even if Garrus doesn't trust Cerberus, he decides to trust Shepard and once again assist him/her.

Eventually Garrus catches wind of where Sidonis is, and his heart is filled with vengeance, asking Shepard to assist him hunt and kill Sidonis. Depending on Shepard's actions, Garrus may go through with his vengeance, or not take it at all, finally realizing that his revenge will be empty as Sidonis has already been punished with his own self-inflicted guilt.

Around this time, if Shepard is female, then Garrus may start striking a romance with Shepard.

Mass Effect 3

After the Collectors are defeated, Shepard is put under house arrest for blowing up a mass relay in Batarian space. Garrus joins the Turian military, advising on the army on what the Reapers are. Shepard meets Garrus in the Turian homeworld Palaven and he joins forces with the Commander again, this time against the Reapers.

If a female Shepard did not romance Garrus, near the end of the war against the Reapers, it is shown that he has struck up a relationship with Quarian Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (provided that a male Shepard did not romance Tali'Zorah).


Garrus: What do you want from me, Shepard? What would you do if somebody betrayed you?
Shepard: I'm not sure, but I wouldn't let it change me.
Garrus: I would have said the same thing before it happened to me.
~ Garrus on how he feels about being betrayed by Sidonis

Garrus is consistently portrayed as strong-willed, sarcastic, courteous, calm and reassuring. Although Ashley was initially suspicious of him (despite the fact he was a C-Sec officer), he tends to get along well with the rest of the crew, enjoying the chance to get off the Citadel and see how things are done outside C-Sec. Regardless of whether or not Shepard convinced him to be more by-the-book, Garrus quits C-Sec during the two years Shepard

Although he's mostly a kind person, he can also be innocently insensitive at times, such as when he said he was surprised by Wrex not being a savage brute and ridiculing Tali about her race unleashing the geth upon the galaxy. When Tali counters that the turians are just as bad for unleashing the genophage, he claims that they were in the right for doing that. He gets better in later games, however, and by the third game, apologises to Tali for ever saying those things to her, despite it being three years ago and her saying it didn't matter anymore.

Despite being a turian, Garrus had no problem with hunting down Saren; in fact, he stated that this was the reason he chose to hunt him, as he considered Saren to be not only a threat, but a disgrace to their species. Garrus is also shown to be bitter at times, especially when it comes to being reminded of his failures. He blamed himself for the death of his squad by the hands of Sidonis and viewed bringing him to justice as his own personal task, saying no-one else knew or cared about what he had done and the thought of him getting away with his crimes disgusted him.