Background information
Origin Digimon Tamers
Hero information
Full name Gargomon
Occupation Partner of Tamer
Powers / Skills Gargo Pellets
Hobbies fighting
Goals To fight other digimon, To save Human World from evil digimon
Friends / Allies Henry Wong
Enemies Gorillamon, Locomon, D-Reaper, Twelve Devas, Mephistomon, Ebidramon, Parasimon, Musyamon
Type of Hero Digimon

Gargomon is one of the main heroes in Digimon Tamers. His known attacks are Gargo Pellets which he fires bullets or laser beams from his Gatling Arm and Bunny Pummel where he uses his guns as smashing weapons. He is Terriermon's Champion form. He digivolve to Rapidmon.


He resembles a bunny-like creature with gattling guns for his hands and wears pants.

Famous Battles

  • Gargomon vs. Gorillamon
  • Gargomon vs. Musyamon
  • Gargomon vs. Mihiramon
  • Gargomon vs. Sandiramon
  • Gargomon vs. Sinduramon
  • Gargomon vs. Pajiramon
  • Gargomon vs. Kumbhiramon


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