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Gadget hackwrench

Full Name

Gadget Hackwrench


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New York City



Powers / Skills



Fighting crime


To win Chip's heart

Type of Hero


Gadget Hackwrench is the tritagonist from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, voiced by Tress MacNeille.

She is the cute and beautiful child prodigy daughter of a famous mouse inventor and scientist named Geegaw Hackwrench. She has the uncanny ability to take a few odd-ball objects and invent nearly anything with them. Like most wacky inventor-types and despite her cuteness and beauty, she can be extremely focused and, therefore usually oblivious of what is happening around her while inventing. She first met Chip 'n Dale on their first case as "Rescue Rangers" and helped them solve the crime by lending her inventive talents to the case. Having nowhere else to go and no other obligations, she joined Monterey Jack (a friend of her father's) and became an official member of the Rescue Rangers. She now lives with Chip, Dale, Monty and Zipper the Fly in a hollow tree limb in a city park. Both Chip and Dale are very attracted to Gadget and can be found often vying for her attention (similar to their infatuation and rivalry over Clarice from Two Chips and a Miss), or vice versa, depending on if another female shows up.

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