Funetsuki (Lit. "With Boat") is the main character of Tec. A younger version of her can be seen in Older , and she can be playable for a short time as well.


Funetsuki has long black hair down to the floor, a blue shirt with dark blue long sleeves and a dark blue sailboat on the front, a white-grey skirt, and dark grey shoes.

At one point during production, the creator changed Funetsuki's sprite to be less madotsuki-recolor like. The new sprite is taller.


Funetsuki has been shown to be a young girl who still remembers and searches for Takashi, the main playable character in Older. She seems to be very involved with technology and has very crisp dreams.


Takashi seems to have taken care of and raise Funetsuki, as shown in Older, but, in Older's ending, had to leave a still-young Funetsuki to fend for herself.

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