Freyda is a Haven hero in
Heroes of Might and Magic V and its add-ons, Hammers of Fate and Tribes of the East. She is one of the protagonists in the games.


Freyda was a noble strategist of the Holy Griffin Empire, who was captured by Markal, but was freed. She trained under Godric's command until Isabel made the Red Church. Isabel sent her to deal with the rebels, along with Alaric and Laszlo. They eventually defeated their leader, Duncan Stag and captured him, although she felt something was wrong, but had to obey the Queen, as her father would be wounded... severely. She came to Tor Hrall to negotiate for Andrei, but Laszlo attacked the town and she sided with the rebels. She escaped and freed Duncan and went to Talonguard to rescue her father.

She found Godric, who was hurt. Godric told her never to give up to fight. He died and Freyda pronounced Laszlo's name, causing his dark magic to be cancelled. Freyda returned to Horncrest, where she met Wulfstan, Duncan, Ylaya and "true" Queen Isabel. She joined the fight and promised to fight Biara, the Red Queen.

Later, she (and Duncan) met Zehir. He told them the illusive magic of the demons had been broken and he left them to fight the demons. Freyda and Duncan joined his fight at Talonguard and saw Isabel killing Biara for the crimes she made. At the end of Queen Isabel's War, Freyda becomes queen of the Empire and marries Duncan. The Griffin Empire then becomes the Unicorn Empire.

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