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Yabba dabba doo
~ Fred Flintstone Famous catchphrases
~ Fred Flintstone Screaming

Background information
Origin The Flintstones
Hero information
Full name Frederick Flintstone
Alias Fred
Occupation Bronto Crane Operator in Slate Construction
Powers / Skills Street Smart, excellent detective skills, excellent in singing, excellent in sports like Golf, Bowling and Football and acting and excellent in writing.Hand to hand combatant Strength Caverman Club
Hobbies Very loyal to his family and friends, eating and watching tv
Goals Very loyal to his family and his friends like Barney and Betty. He will always help people when they ask for him
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero TV Hero

Frederick "Fred" Flintstone is the main protagonist of the classic Hanna-Barbera series, The Flinstones, as well as the husband of Wilma Flintstone and the father of Pebbles Flintstone. He is best friends with Barney Rubble , his next-door neighbor. Fred lives in the fictional prehistoric town of Bedrock at 345 Cave Stone Road (in some episodes, 1313 Cobblestone Way or 222 Rocky Way), an anachronistic world where dinosaurs coexist with modernized barefoot cavemen and cavewomen enjoy "primitive" versions of modern convenience such as telephones, automobiles, and washing machines. Fred Flintstone's catchphrase is "Yabba Dabba Doo!" which is also heard at the beginning of the theme song and the film.


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